Potential Advantages
Potential Challenges
Visual navigation/icons; has some pre-made graphic organizers; pairs pics w/ text, esp. in movies but also on some pages; has interactive components (Q&A, quizzes, activities); has closed captioning; pairs audio w/text (movies, Q&a); short clips; built in assessment; consistent language with movies and assessments
remains very text-driven; price; has more than 6 colors ppg.; some activities, movies shallow

link in videos, sound bytes, Web pages, share (publishing or collaborators)
potential problem with simultaneous use
  • inspiring
  • Templates make it easy
  • students can jot down a lot of relevant information in small amount of space
  • students can easily create
  • lots of quick, blank templates for teachers to use
  • online or offline (could be printed)
  • link in videos, sound bytes, Web pages
  • time necessary to create
  • planning requires time
  • little connection with math
Teacher Tube
  • Easy for students to relate to
    • many created by students/teachers
  • quick clips (some)
  • research and time needed to find appropriate clips