Inspiring Learning & Creativity: Generative Technologies

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
- Albert Einstein

We must teach communication comprehensively, in all its forms. Today we work with the written or spoken word as the primary form of communication. But we also need to understand the importance of graphics, music, and cinema, which are just as powerful and in some ways more deeply intertwined with young people's culture. We live and work in a visually sophisticated world, so we must be sophisticated in using all the forms of communication, not just the written word.
- George Lucas

Looking Ahead:



  • Why might the "participatory Web" be particularly appealing to pre-teens and teens?
  • What potential dangers are inherent in the new Web for students?
  • What, if any, of Web 2.0 tools/elements/characteristics might best be leveraged to help facilitate or augment learning?


Student Work:


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