Work Due
Jan. 21
Course Introduction: What is technology integration?

Jan. 28
Inspiring Learning and Creativity: Non-linguistic representations
What Is Tech Integration?
Feb. 4
Inspiring Learning and Creativity: Generative technologies
Lenhart, Madden, Mcgill, & Smith (2007)
Feb. 11
Inspiring Learning and Creativity: Interactive learning
Metiri Group (2008)
Feb. 18
Barriers to Technology Integration and Relative Advantage
Inspiring Learning and Creativity Reflection
Feb. 25
ONLINE - Information Ecologies
Information Ecologies, Part 1
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Mar. 4
ONLINE - Information Ecologies
Information Ecologies, Part 2
Technology Integration Paper Outline
Mar. 11

Mar. 18
Teacher Knowledge for Technology Integration: TPACK
Technology Integration Constructive Critique
AACTE, chapter 1
Mar. 25
The Activity Types Approach: Planning for technology integration
1. Harris & Hofer, 2009
2. AACTE, chapter 12
Apr. 1
Applying the AT Model: Studio time
AACTE chapters 3-10 (choose two most applicable chapters)
Tech Integration Unit Plan Focus Statement
Apr. 8
Planning for Diverse Learners (ONLINE)
Tech Integration Unit Plan Draft
Apr. 15
Developing Effective Presentations
Presentation Zen
Apr. 22
NO CLASS - Online consultations as necessary
Tech Integration Unit Plan
Apr. 29
Access, Equity and Emerging Trends
AACTE, chapter 2
Technology Integration Paper Draft
May 6
Paper Presentations
Assignment revisions due
May 13
Technology Integration Paper
What is Technology Integration (Revisited)?