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Sources for Images

- Pay sites

- Free sites

  • stock.xchng - More than 350,000 free photo images, searchable.
  • dreamstime - Free section of a very large photo images archive. Excellent quality images.
  • morgueFile - More than 200,000 free photo images, searchable in several ways, including by color and topic.
  • Image*After - Smaller collection, searchable in several ways, including by color and by general characteristics.
  • freerange - Smaller collection, but all free as long as they are used for nonprofit purposes. Searchable.
  • StockVault - Smaller collection; Web site where photographers share images. Open to all to download.
  • FreeFoto - Medium-sized collection, very good quality photos. Link back to the site and attribution required for photo use.
  • FreeDigitalPhotos - Smaller collection; comparatively new site. Higher resolution versions for fee; smaller for free.

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